Images of Conflictology

An idea came up to my mind when Victor, send me that link. An image is worth a thousand words, so, why don’t explain some concepts with images?

The following are images I’ve done to explain the five conflict resolution attitudes in two different ways. The first one, includes a brief description of the attitude, the second one displays the attitude in an axis graph acoording their grade of cooperativeness and assertiveness.

First Image

The five conflict resolution attitudes explained with arrow images and text. A visual aproximation of the attitudes:

  • Competition: arrows fighting against.
  • Avoidance: arrows running out.
  • Acommodation: arrows looking on the same direction.
  • Collaboration: arrows spinning.
  • Compromise: arrows searching a common direction that is not the original one

Second Image

Now the attitudes are iconized  and showed in a cooperativeness/assertiveness graph rather than listed.




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